EVOCAB SPLIT split cable conduits

Compression strength:
450 N
EN 61386-24

EVOCAB SPLIT smooth-wall split conduits are designed for reparation of power cable, electrical wire, telecommunication, television, and signal cable line ruptures and for mechanical protection and insulation of cables in sections where conduits of other types cannot be used. The conduits are made of PE/PP featuring temperature range between -25ºC and +90ºC and resistance against most acids and alkali. The smooth-wall split cable conduits consist of two sections which are joined by shifting one section against the other. This considerably simplifies the process of installation. EVOCAB SPLIT cable conduits are supplied in straight 3 m bars, packed in wooden frames and secured with a band.


  • Considerably shorter cable line rupture reparation time and optimised costs
  • Easy and safe coupling of split cable conduits
  • Thermal resistance (from -25ºC to +90ºC)
  • The materials used ensure that the conduits are environment-friendly and feature a long-term resistance against the effects of the aggressive substances present in the soil
Outer diameter, DN/OD [mm]   110 160
Inner diameter, ID [mm]   100 141
Wall thickness [m]   5 9.5
Pipe 3m      
Pack [pcs]   54 24
Pack [m]   162 72
Color 1: red 124… …110003RD …160003RD
Color 2: yellow 124… …110003YL …160003YL

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