EVOCAB STING cable conduits for trenchless installations

Compression strength:
1250 N
EN 61386-24

EVOCAB STING cable conduits for trenchless installations are made of a high density polyethylene (HDPE). Special manufacturing processes ensure high compression and impact strength properties.

Application area:

The STING conduits are made of a rigid material and designed so that they can withstand loads caused by soil and vehicles. The STING conduits can be used to protect and insulate cables in underground installations made using the method of directional drilling. They are especially suitable for use in systems requiring a high compression strength, e.g. under roads, squares, etc. The conduit for trenchless installations is available in pieces of various length and in rolls. The conduit has a smooth inner and outer surface and fully maintains its strength properties throughout the temperature range of -25ºC to +90ºC. The standard conduit is red, with a white marking. Other colours are available on request. The conduits are designed for cable protection using the conventional method of installation – pulling by wire. In some projects, depending on the technology of directional drilling, properties of the soil, angle of pulling, distance and depth of pulling, project-specific conduit with adapted thickness of the wall can be ordered.

Functionality of the conduits

  • Quicker, more convenient, and more cost-efficient construction of cable networks using the method of horizontal directional drilling
  • Long-term protection of the installed cables
  • Quick replacement of cables without additional earthwork

Advantages of trenchless installation conduits

  • High strength
  • Easy coupling of conduits using butt fusion method
  • The print on the conduits, which includes length-marks, allows to determine the length of the installation
  • High inner and outer pressure-resistance
  • Thermal resistance (from -25 °C to +90°C )
  • The materials used ensure that the conduits are environment-friendly and feature a longterm resistance against the effects of the aggressive substances present in the soil
DN / OD [mm]
Wall thickness [mm]
ID [mm]
Length [m]
Max.admissible pulling strength at 20°C [kN]
75 4.5 66 100 125075045100RD 10.4
90 5.4 79.2 12/13.4/50/100 125090054(120RD/134RD/500RD/100RD) 14.4
110 6.6 96.8 12/13.4/50/100 125110066(120RD/134RD/250RD/500RD/100RD) 21.4
125 7.4 110.2 12/13.4/50/75 125125074(120RD/134RD/250RD/500RD/750RD) 27.3
160 9.5 141 12/13.4 125160095(120RD/134RD) 44.9
200 11.8 176.4 12/13.4 125200118(120RD/134RD) 70.3
250 14.8 220.4 12/13.4 125250148(120RD/134RD) 109.4
315 18.7 277.6 12/13.4 125315187(120RD/134RD) 174.1
400 24 352 12/13.4 125400240(120RD/134RD) 280.2
500 29.7 352 12/13.4 125500297(120RD/134RD) 438.8

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