EVODUCT optical cable conduits

EN 8074/8075
EN 61386-24

When constructing ground-buried optical cable and communication cable systems, the best solution in ensuring a long-term protection of the cables is rigid plastic conduits. The conduits can be buried directly in the soil, in concrete, or through water barriers, in concrete pipes, channels and blocks, along bridges and flyovers. The conduits are used for the installation of optical fibre cables employing traditional installation methods - pulling with a cord or blowing.

Functionality of the conduits:

  • Quicker, more convenient, and more cost-effective construction of cable networks and preparation for cable-pulling (with cord or blowing)
  • Long-term protection of installed cables
  • Quick cable replacement without additional earthwork

Advantages from the use of the conduits:

  • High strength
  • Easy coupling of conduits by means of couplers
  • The length-marks on the conduits allow to determine the length of the installation
  • High outer and inner pressure-resistance
  • Thermal resistance (from -25ºC to +90ºC)
  • The materials used ensure that the conduits are environment-friendly and feature a long-term resistance against the effects of the aggressive substances present in the soil

Conduit specification

These rigid, high-density polyethylene (HDPE) cable conduits come standard with a smooth outer surface and one of the following inner surfaces:

  • STANDARD: smooth inner surface
  • GROOVE: ribbed inner surface

The standard conduits are black (RAL 9005) or orange (RAL 2004), with 4 (every 90º) white single or double longitudinal lines along the entire length. The conduits bear a white thermal labelling located at 1 m intervals (minimum symbol height - 4 mm). The labelling includes standard information about the product, the name of the manufacturer and the customer. On request, conduits/longitudinal lines of any colour (according to RAL) can be manufactured. Custom-made labelling is also possible. The conduits are manufactured in large and small rolls, and each roll is secured with a polypropylene tape. The rolls are delivered on palettes.

On request, EVODUCT conduit with customer-specified thickness of the wall can be manufactured.

Outer Ø [mm]   25 32 32 40 40
Wall thickness Ø [mm]   2.3 2.2 3 3 3.7
STANDARD 1310… …25110500BKWT …32210300BKWT …32111000BKWT …40111000OR …40211000OR
GROOVE 1340… …25110500BKWT …32210300BKWT …32111000BKWT …40111000OR …40211000OR
Roll [m]   500 300 1000 1000 1000
Outer Ø [mm]   50 50 63 63
Wall thickness Ø [mm]   3 4.6 3.6 5.8
STANDARD 1310… …50110500BK …50210500BK …63110400BK …63210400BK
GROOVE 1340… …50110500BK …50210500BK …63110400BK …63210400BK
Roll [m]   500 500 400 400

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