RIGID MULTI PP smooth cable protection conduits N 750 with extension and sealing ring

Compression strength class:

Impact resistance class: N

EN 61386-24

RIGID MULTI PP 3-layer conduit is made of polypropylene with mechanical strength 750N/20 cm in compliance with EN 61386-24. Thanks to multilayer extrusion technology, this conduit has excellent impact and load strength properties.

Pipe length — 6 m. Each conduit is equipped with moulded coupling and sealing ring ensuring water tight connection (0.5 bar). Temperature resistance: -25 °C to +90 °C.

Red outer layer, white inner layer.


  • RIGID MULTI PP conduit is used for protection and installation of telecommunications, medium voltage and high voltage cables. Especially suited for sites with high traffic intensity


  • Easy and safe connection of the conduits;
  • Water tight conduit system (up to 0,5 bar);
  • Chemical inertness, high corrosion-resistance;
  • Service life not less than 50 years.
Outer Ø [mm] 110 160
Inner Ø [mm] 101,2 147,6
Color Red outside, white inside Red outside, white inside
Length  6 m  6 m
Pack [pcs.] 50 28
Pack [m] 300 168
Truck load [m] 4800 2688
Code 280110006RD750 280160006RD750



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