EVOSAN-RF Pipe 6m with coupling, PP

EVOSAN and EVORAIN is a comprehensive innovative stormwater and utility sewerage piping system.

EVOSAN and EVORAIN are the most advanced high-quality double-wall pipes with excellent usage and functional properties ensuring good flow and reliability. 

EVOSAN and EVORAIN pipes conform to the quality requirements and standards of the stormwater and utility sewerage piping systems and are recommended for use in gravity piping systems. Pipes are designed for long-term use under normal load.
EVOSAN and EVORAIN pipes have structured walls: they have corrugated outside and feature high compression strength properties due to their special profile. Smooth internal walls of the pipes ensure excellent hydraulic properties required for the pressure-free (natural gravity) systems. Pipes are flexible and preserve water-tightness even in the most problematic soil conditions, are resistant to deformation when installed under roads with heavy load. Due to their special structural properties, these conduits are lighter, but more rigid, than the conventional smooth-wall conduits. Transportation, storage and installation of the corrugated pipelines is much faster, easier, and cheaper. Piping system consists of DN 110 to DN 500 mm pipes (DN=OD, nominal outer diameter) and unified pipeline system connection pieces.

According to the requirements of the LVS EN 13476-3 standard Pipe class SN16 [kN/m2]
DN/OD [mm] ID [mm] M [mm] L [m] Pack [gab.] Code
110 93,8 59 6 30 211110006RF
160 138,9 85 6 28 211160006RF
200 174,6 88,6 6 32 211200006RF
250 215,9 94,5 6 8 21250006RF
315 274,1 108 6 6 211315006RF


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