About us

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    EVOPIPES is modern and innovative producer of polymer pipe systems focusing on producing and development of innovative and efficiency-raising products.

    EVOPIPES strategy is based on constant raising of efficiency in the field of installing and exploiting pipe systems, as well as in its activities.

    When developing products, we pay the main attention to the competitive advantages of our products that might grant higher parameters of installation and exploitation efficiency to our products. 

    By making investments in the installation of pipe systems, costs for the material account only for 4–20% of the total investment, depending on project-specific issues, thus quality and long service life of pipe systems is of special importance.

    Pipe systems must be reliable, they have to ensure low costs of service and maintenance. It is important for the owners of the system. However, constructors are concerned with convenience, speed, and costs of pipe installation. Linking all these properties in one product — this is speciality of EVOPIPES.

    Evopipes offer wide range of products, each product group offers full list of professional and safe technological solutions for installing outer and inner engineering networks during construction of water and gas supply, sewerage systems, electric lines, and general construction.

    Products are always accompanied by thoroughly developed technical information and instructions for installation. One of the main values of EVOPIPES is united team of professional, our employees is the most valuable asset of the company.