Already at the beginning the modern EVOPIPES plastic pipes manufacturing unit ensured offer of more than 2000 products to our clients for pipe system construction works. In close cooperation with clients and by studying their individual needs and responding to evolution with continuous developments in techniques and technologies, EVOPIPES have managed to increase the number of its products to more than 4000 over the last years. Targeted increase of technological possibilities in combination with application of latest accomplishments in the material science have allowed development and introduction of products without which the future of manufacturing pipes for systems would be impossible.

1.     Combination of new co-extrusion solutions with use of progressive materials (PE 100-RC) resulted in new offer of penstock pipes giving new possibilities for constructing new and safe pipe systems employing both traditional and alternative construction technologies within shorter time and with lower costs. More in

2.     Introduction of the latest multilayer extrusion solutions has become the point of reference of creating the currently most topical pipe construction: multilayer penstock pipe with special sheath for preventing damages under specific installation conditions is currently the generally best solution for pipe renovation methods. More in

3.     Technology developed by EVOPIPES for pulling wires and cables in conduits during the manufacturing process is one of the latest topicalities in the field of electrical installation — amount of installation work at the site is cut for more than a half! More in

 4.   EVOPIPES actively adopt other plastic recycling technologies to extend its extrusion product line. Since 2012, our clients are offered natural flown sewerage system, which includes range of self-developed middle class manholes (22 modifications in total) that have been manufacture by rotational forming method.