Progressive technologies

EVOPIPES is one of the most advanced pipe production plants in Europe

EVOPIPES product portfolio is generated by unique selection of complete extrusion lines with highest level of automation. All our components and automation systems had been engineered to maximize savings on materials, energy and costs, without compromising on product quality. Our extruders, dies, calibration units and downstream are proven components tailored to our requirements. All downstream components, such as vacuum tanks, spray tanks, haul-offs, cutters, socket machines and add-ons are engineered for maximum interoperability. The automation components are reliable, operator-friendly and easy to maintain. All control and monitoring functions are fully implemented in the extruder’s modular control system. The result: our production systems provide maximum output coupled with maximum flexibility and optional material savings. Our customers are the ones to relish from those advantages.

EVOPIPES systems for preparing raw materials and manufacturing supply guarantees that the utmost quality of Evopipes’ products is ensured starting from the very first stages of technological process. This high-performance system is used for convenient storage of raw materials, 100% safe transport during all stages of technological process, and exact preparation of PVC mixtures. Among the obvious advantages of the system, one can mention the high-level automatisation of processes and operational accuracy. 
Owing to this system, Evopipes is able to undertake execution of orders where specific materials and technological mixtures must be used swiftly, in this way the shortest time possible for delivering products and solutions to clients is always guaranteed.

Ultrasound system (US) used by Evopipes for quality control of plastic pipes during extrusion process is an outstanding example of the latest accomplishments in methods and technologies. The system measures and controls conformity of product parameters to the requirements of particular standards:

  • wall thickness — both for individual layers and total thickness;
  • wall thickness distribution;
  • inner diameter;
  • outer diameter;
  • ovality;
  • eccentricity;
  • surface defects.

US documents all the important quality parameters and presents overviews on the conformity of quality to the requirements of standards. The system has been completely integrated into the extrusion device. Strong points:

  • constant conformity to standards is ensured;
  • faultless manufacturing process;
  • documented quality conformity of products is available to clients.

Using gravimetric material feeding system in parallel with the ultrasound system allows Evopipes to implement the following combination of innovative processes:

US completely scans the pipe along the whole perimeter, in the result there is no spot in the pipe perimeter lacking control. US continuously determines the actual weight per metre (kg/m) of each pipe based on the gravimetric data (kg/h) and the haul-off speed (m/min).

Based on the results of ultrasound measurements, parameters of manufacturing equipment are then automatically adapted. Thus, stable quality of the manufactured production is ensured constantly.

Perfect execution of Evopipes polymer pipes corrugation processes is ensured by the youngest generation corrugation machines. Performance of our machines is significantly higher than the industry average. Owing to the availability of high manufacturing capacity, we are able to deliver wide range of products designed according to the individual needs of client in swift and due manner. Evopipes pipes corrugation technology uses both polyethylene and polypropylene materials.

Automatic reelers, which are used by Evopipes for packing smooth and corrugated PVC, PE, and PP pipes in rolls, are highly valuable solutions for automatisation. Our reelers with wrap-up function allowing stretch film wrapping of the rolls offer many advantages to our clients:

Pipes are protected in full length up to the last layer of the roll. The rolls have an important functional peculiarity — you can pull out the necessary length of the pipe from the inside of the roll, but the package will not lose its form; thus, the unused pipe stays packed and does not get dirty. Owing to the the progressive technology, the inner diameter of rolls is very small, in the result the packages are more compact than most of similar present solutions. Correspondingly, product transportation costs are significantly reduced.