EVOEL SMART corrugated halogen – free conduits for electrical installations

EVOEL SMART — halogen-free electrical installation conduits with a special gliding layer for easier and quicker cable-pulling and a special outer sheath for additional safety. EVOEL SMART conduits are made of a special, halogen-free material. During combustion, they create almost no smoke. For this reason, they are extensively used in poorly ventilated places, in places with a high concentration of people, limited number of escape routes, and areas where protection of sensitive and valuable hardware needs to be guaranteed. EVOEL SMART conduits are designed for installations in public buildings: schools, kindergartens, hospitals, hotels, theatres, cinemas, museums, stadiums, arenas, shopping-centres, airports, railway terminals, office buildings. Due to the fire-safety requirements for protection against smoke, halogen-free conduits are also recommended for use in multi-apartment buildings.