EVOEL FMs-0H-SMART sheathed medium compression strength corrugated halogen-free conduits

Compression strength:
750 N/5cm
EN 61386-22
EN 50267-2-2
EN 61034 -2
Classification: 33432

A flexible conduit made of a special, halogen-free material, ideally suitable for installations in concrete.

The conduit has a sheath made of a plasticised material and therefore features a medium impact strength and water resistance. The special structure of the inner surface of the conduit with outstanding gliding properties allows to considerably extend the cable-pulling distances and reduce the length of installation work. The colour of the cable sheath is light grey (RAL 7035) with an orange inner gliding layer.

Physical properties:

Material: a special plastic, medium compression strength, medium impact strength, temperature-resistance from - 25°C to +105°C, flame-resistant, halogen-free.

Application area:

The conduits are specifically recommended for installations in concrete, can be used for installations in hollow walls, partitions, or suspended ceilings. Conduits of this type are the best solution for exposed and concealed installations, underground installations, connection of equipment or machine tools in schools, kindergartens, hospitals, hotels, theatres, cinemas, museums, stadiums, arenas, shopping-centres, airports, railway terminals, and office buildings.

* Available with a metal wire for pulling of cables. 

Outer Ø [mm]   16 20 25
Inner Ø [mm]   11.4 14.2 18.4
Roll [m]   50 50 50
On palette [m]   2400 1500 1000
Bend radiuss ≥ [mm]   70 90 110
Color: light grey 11202… …016050LTGY …020050LTGY …025050LTGY
Outer Ø [mm]   32 40 50
Inner Ø [mm]   23.9 30.7 39.4
Roll [m]   25 25 25
On palette [m]   600 350 300
Bend radius ≥ [mm]   130 170 220
Color: light grey 11202… …032025LTGY …040025LTGY …050025LTGY

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