Hydraulic performance of non pressure systems

Flow rate and speed calculations for sewer, rainwater and drainage systems (Colebrook White)

Culvert hydraulic calculations

Throughput and flow rate calculations for GIGAPIPE culvert systems. The parameters of the culvert are determined by the Manning-Strikler formula, which includes losses from contact with the culvert walls.

Cable protection pipe construction

Permissible construction depths and deformation calculations

Linear expansion/reduction

Calculate linear expansion or reduction of the PE100 or PE100-RC material pipeline as a result of temperature change.

Temperature convertor

Conversion of temperature units Celsius - Fahrenheit - Kelvin

Calculation of bending radius

Calculation of bending radius of smooth wall pipes

Horizontal directional drilling calculations

Calculation of pipe pulling force and length according to GW 321

Pressure unit conversion

Conversion of units of measure bar, kPa, m/H20 etc.

Calculations for energy-absorbing chambers

How to select energy-absorbing chambers connection sizes and determine the throughput.


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