TC 1000.625.D400

Cable connection chamber

TC 1000.625.D400
TC 1000.625.D400
TC 1000.625.D400

Cable connection chamber TC 1000.625.D400 is made of polypropylene (PP).

  • Chamber components
    TC 1000.625.D400
  • Advantages
    • Large inside diameter (ID 1000 mm) gives large work space
    • Easy transportation and handling — no need of crane on construction site
    • Fast creation of connection holes from inside (crown-drilling)
    • High resistance to corrosion and chemical substances
    • Long service life (>100 years)
    • Shaft ring stiffness SN8
  • Recommended application
    • Telecommunication networks
    • Optical cable lines
    • Electro cable lines
    • Railroad signalisation
    • Street lighting
  • Drawings

    TC 1000.625.D400 ENG

    Standard drawing for cable connection chamber TC 1000.625.D400

    TC 1000.625.D400 ENG

    Standard Drawing TC 1000.625.D400

    DWG file format

    Standard Drawing TC 1000.625.D400

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  • Downloads

    EVOCAB Catalogue ENG

    Pipes for underground cable protection

  Product Code
Self-leveling round cast iron frame and cover, DN 700 [mm], D400. 820215700SL7300007
Stationary type round cast iron frame and cover, DN 600/746 [mm], D400. 820215601ST7300038
Cast iron shell ring adapter for self-leveling cover 820228700T30000038
  Conrete components
Reinforced concrete support ring, DN 665/1060 mm, h=160 mm 821072666850000000
Reinforced conrete height adjustment ring, DN 665/1000 [mm], h=60 [mm] 821073T09840000000
  Chamber section
PP corrugated height-adjustment shaft, DN/ID 1000 [mm] 901010041000050

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