TC 900.700.450

Optical cable connection chamber

TC 900.700.450
TC 900.700.450
TC 900.700.450
TC 900.700.450

TC 900.700.450
optical cable connection chamber with watertight cover with rubber sealing for underground installations.


  • Advantages
    •  Wide access hole (700 mm)- provides a large workspace
    • Watertight sealing ring
    • Horizontal and vertical ribs stabilize the chamber in soil and increase mechanical strength
    • Easy transportation — no need for a crane on construction site
    • Fast creation of connection holes
    • Bright workspace thanks to the yellow colour of the inside surface
    • High resistance to corrosion and chemical substances
    • Long service life (>50 years)
  • Recommended application
    • Telecommunication networks;
    • Optical cable lines;
    • Railroad signalisation.

  • Chamber components
    TC 900.700.450
  • Technical information
    • Chamber size: 900 x 700 x 450 [mm]
    • Chamber colour: orange* 
    • Chamber weight: 21.5 kg.

    *other colours available on demand

  • Drawings

    Standard Drawing TC 900.700.450

    Chamber with watertight cover for underground installations.

    Standard Drawing TC 900.700.450

    Standard Drawing TC 900.700.450

    DWG file format

    Standard Drawing TC 900.700.450
  • Downloads

    EVOCAB Catalogue ENG

    Pipes for underground cable protection


    TC 900.700.450 TDS ENG

    Product technical datasheet

Code Package [pcs]
TC 900.700.450 Orange
902010163000040 5

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