Medium resistance, rigid, halogen-free conduits

Comp. strength: 750 N/5cm, Classification: 33431

EVOEL SM-OH is rigid, halogen-free electrical installation conduit made of a special, grey (RAL 7037) plastic.

The conduit features a medium mechanical resistance and is manufactured in straight 3 [m] bars.

  • Available sizes: 20, 25, 32, 40, 50, 63 [mm]
  • Available pipe length 3 [m]

Halogen free conduit accessories

  • Recommended application

    The conduits are recommended for safe exposed installations in industrial buildings as well as for use in engineering and anywhere with aggressive substances in the atmosphere. The conduits are specifically recommended for use in low temperatures as well as in public buildings: schools, kindergartens, hospitals, hotels, theatres, cinemas, museums, stadiums, arenas, shopping-centres, airports, railway terminals, and office buildings.

    • Installations in hollow walls
    • Concealed and exposed installations
    • Installations in wooden floors, dry concrete and keramzite
    • Power distribution rooms and substations
    • Private buildings
    • Industrial buildings
    • Public buildings
    • Multi-apartment buildings, more than 5 floors
  • Technical information
    • Material- halogen-free plastic
    • Compression strength- medium 750 [N/5cm]
    • Impact strength- medium 2J [2kg/100mm]
    • Temperature resistance from - 25°C to +60°C
    • Non flame propagator, self-extinguishing
    • Corrosion-resistant.
    Pipe dimensions
    Dimensions DN16 DN20 DN25 DN32 DN40 DN50
    Outer Ø [mm] 16 20 25 32 40 50
    Inner Ø [mm] 12.4 16.4 21.4 28.0 35.2 44.0
    Length [m] 3 3 3 3 3 3
    The EVOEL conduits are manufactured in compliance with standards:
    • EN 61386-1:2018
    • EN 61386-21:2004+AC/A11:2011
    • EN 60754-1:2015
    • EN 60754-2:2015

  • Classification table

  • Certification

    EVOEL SL-0H and SM-0H Certificate ENG

    Certificate of conformity (Bureau Veritas)

    EVOEL SL-0H and SM-0H Certificate ENG
  • Downloads

    EVOEL Catalogue ENG

    Plastic conduits for electrical installations


    EVOEL SL-0H and SM-0H Certificate ENG

    Certificate of conformity (Bureau Veritas)



    Product technical datasheet

Code DN/OD Pack [m]
On request 16 108
On request 20 75
On request 25 48
On request 32 27
On request 40 21
On request 50 21

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