Gravity sewerage pipe, EN 13476-3 type B

SN4 or SN8 [kN/m²]*, DN/ID 500, 600, 800, 1000 mm

GIGAPIPE PE double-wall pipes with profiled (corrugated) external and smooth internal surface, type B, polyethylene (PE) pipes for construction of road culverts, rain and waste water infrastructure.

  • DN/ID 500, 600, 800, 1000 [mm]
  • Produced according to EN 13476-3
  • Ring stiffness: SN8* [kN/m²]
  • Standard pipe length - 6 [m] (other lengths on request) without sealing ring
    *SN4 pipes are available on request

GIGAPIPE pipes have a long operational life, modest maintenance and installation costs, excellent hydraulic properties and high mechanical strength (resistance to dynamic and static as well as point-type stresses impacting during exploitation), friction and chemical degrading.

The design of the pipe consists of two layers with structured outer and smooth inner layer surface from PE material. The external side is corrugated and the profile properties guarantee high mechanical strength and impact resistance parameters. Smooth internal walls of the pipes ensure excellent hydraulic properties required for the pressure-free (natural gravity) systems.

Fittings & accessories

  • Advantages
    Good balance between product ring stiffness, ring flexibility and impact resistance
    The products can be installed in low temperatures until -10 °C
    Products are resistant to exposure to aggressive substances present in sewage and subsoil from pH2 (acidic medium) until pH12 (alkaline medium)
    The products are environment-friendly and recyclable after several decades in operation
    Long operational life - overs 50 years
  • Recommended application

    GIGAPIPE pipes are suitable not only for all types (household, industrial and rainwater) of sewage systems, but also, e.g., planned construction melioration systems for road, rail, port, dock, airport and other construction infrastructure, as well as for construction of main pipeline network collectors for agricultural melioration systems. They are especially suited for constructing culverts for overcoming water barriers in road infrastructure.

    • Gravity lines of any kind
    • Waste water networks, rain water systems
    • Combined sewers
    • Drainage systems for premises
    • Special solutions for industry and communities
    • Open-construction exchange and renewal procedures
    • Extension of existing networks
    • Special constructions for the management of rain and storm water and for industrial applications upon request
  • Technical information
    • Material: polyethylene (PE)
    • Produced according to EN 13476-3
    • Ring stiffness SN8 [kN/m²]*
    • Ring flexibilty RF30
    • Impact resistance determined at -10°C (ice crystal)
    • Available sizes: DN/ID 500, 600, 800, 1000 [mm]
    • Standard pipe bar length - 6 [m] (other lengths on request) without sealing ring
      *SN4 pipes are available on request
    Pipe dimensions
    Dimensions DN500 DN600 DN800 DN1000
    Outer Ø [mm] 565.7 678.9 906.3 1134.3
    Inner Ø [mm] 495 594 793 992,5

    GIGAPIPE pipes (DN/ID 500, 600, 800, 1000 mm) are equipped with SAFECONNEC connection type. SAFECONNEC is a unique type of DROSSBACH connection which optimises interaction between the extension and the rubber sealing ring, further improving the positive characteristics of the flexible pipe system.

    A high strength reinforcement belt for the ring is welded onto the outside of the extension at the exact point where the rubber seling ring sits on the extension walls. The reinforcement belt guards against separation (movement) of the joint even under extreme stress, thus ensuring that the pipe connections remain hermetic for over many years. The same process is used for all EVOPIPES individually adapted and readymade products made in the factory from the pipes (for example, components, shafts and other elements).

    Rubber sealing ring usage areas:

    As per special profile structure sealing rings can be applied to DN/ID 800 mm and DN/ID 1000 mm GIGAPIPE pipes in two different areas- high and low profile.

    HP - Rubber sealing rings intended for high profile area

    LP - Rubber sealing rings intended for low profile area

  • Certificates

    GIGAPIPE Certificate ENG

    Certificate of conformity (Bureau Veritas)

    GIGAPIPE Certificate ENG
  • Downloads

    GIGAPIPE Catalogue ENG

    Pipeline system for construction of culverts, rain and waste water infrastructure


    GIGAPIPE Certificate ENG

    Certificate of conformity (Bureau Veritas)

DN/ID [mm] Truckload [m ] Code
500 192 30500I0506003FT80C5
600 108 30500I0606003FT80C5
800 72 30500I0806003FT80C5
1000 48 30500I1006003FT80C5

GIGAPIPE sealing rings

Pipe DN/ID Package [pcs] Code
500 1 809025500000000096
600 1 809025600000000096
High profile area (HP)
800 1 809025800006800000
1000 1 809025T01006800000
Low profile area (LP)
800 1 809025800006700098
1000 1 809025T01006700B98


Sealing rings


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