Chamber shaft connection seal

Connection seal for additional connections to chamber shaft

DN/OD 110 .. 315 mm
Chamber shaft connection seal

Chamber shaft connection seal is used to fabricate additional connections to chamber shaft and plastic pipelines with hole cutting saw.

In order to connect RIGID MULTI / MONO / MONO PP-MD / MONODRAIN pipes to chamber shaft, there is no need for additional accessories. Pipe must be inserted directly into the connection seal.

Smooth-wall pipes

In order to connect EVOSAN / EVORAIN / EVODRAIN pipes to chamber shaft, the coupling seal must be used together with socket adapter/chamber connection accessory.


Chamber connection  
  • Application


    1 - hole saw

    2 - chamber shaft connection seal

    3 - socket adapter/chamber connection

    4 - sealing ring

  • Downloads

    RIGID MULTI & MONO Catalogue ENG

    Gravity sewer systems for utility sewage and rainwater



    EVOSAN rain and waste water system catalogue

DN/OD Quantity in pack [pcs] Pack size Code
DN/OD 400 mm chamber shaft
110 50 V 8092071101G0000036
160 30 V 8092071602G0000036
200 30 L 8092072004G0000036
DN 800 and 1000 mm ring type chambers
110 50 V 8092071101G0000036
160 30 V 8092071602G0000036
200 30 L 8092072004G0000036
250 8 V 8092072504G0000036
315 8 L 8092073155G0000036
DN/ID 600 .. 1000 chambers with GIGAPIPE shaft
110 1 - 8092071103G0000046
160 1 - 8092071606G0000046
200 1 - 8092072006G0000046

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