Kvapo filtras

Ketaus dangčių kvapo filtras, DN600

Kvapo filtras

Ketaus dangčių kvapo filtras FIS 0600 su integruota aktyvintosios anglies kasete, DN 600.

Active sewer chamber filters are delivered pre-assembled. They are positioned beneath the sewer manhole cover. Their Active carbon acts as a catalyst there, reducing H2S and unpleasant odours. If both H2S and NH3 occur, NH3 can also be eliminated. The delivery includes a suitable PE leaf trap, which replaces the customary leaf trap insert. Active filters with patented, modified Active carbon solve the problem with the catalytic conversion of H2S. The Active carbon‘s typical adsorption of unpleasant odours remains unaffected. The secret is in the patented manufacture process  (modification) of the Active carbon. Modified Active carbon is immediately and instantly an effective catalyst, without affecting the adsorptive properties with surface coating. Active sewer manhole filters do not need to be moistened! 

  • Package contains
    Designation Quantity

    Filter base unit, consisting of

    • 4 Mounting brackets V2A
    • 8 Socket screws M8x40
    • 24 Nuts M8
    • 2 Sealing hoses (Schrader valve)
    Activated carbon bag 5 kg (sewer manhole) 1
    Activated carbon bag 5 kg (pressure pipe end chambers) 2
    Leaf trap with 2 tether ropes 1
    Small air pump 1
    Marking plug (green) 1
    Installation notes – Filter 1
    Installation notes – Plugs 1

    * For the pressure pipe end chambers filter obtain the same installation steps. For them always use 2 x 5 kg-bags of Active carbon.

  • Installation

    Active sewer manhole filters are designed to allow fitting in all standard sewer manholes with DN 625 access. The variable sealing hoses allow the filter to be adjusted to fit opening diameters from 595 mm to 645mm. This is done by variable levels of inflation of the sealing hoses (Schrader valve). The position of the mounting brackets needs to be adapted to suit the cover diameter. This is done using a size 13 mm spanner, which is used to loosen and countertighten the M8 nuts at the mounting brackets. These can be moved to adapt to the concerned diameter. The mounting brackets are factory-fitted for the smallest diameter of 595 mm. At least 10 mm of the brackets should fit flat. The distance between outer edges of the indentations in the cover should be measured before installation to allow the brackets to be precisely set.

    The Active carbon package (bag)* is installed in the fitted filter unit after both hoses have been inflated using a standard pump / compressor via their Schrader valves. The leaf trap is loosely fitted over the filter.

    Installation steps:
    • Remove the manhole cover and leaf trap.
    • Thoroughly clean the bearing surfaces and sealing surfaces of the existing manhole.
    • Place the Active sewer filter in the indentations for mounting the standard leaf trap.
    • Fill both sealing hoses with air until their fit to the manhole wall is secure (max. 1.5 bar pressure).

    • Place the Active carbon bag* in the filter and distribute the filter material up to the edge of the filter unit to an even depth.

    • Replace the PE leaf trap and the manhole cover.


    Carry out the deinstallation in reverse order to the assembly.

    ATTENTION: before removing the filter let the air out of the tubes through the valves.


  • Changing the activated carbon
    • Remove the manhole cover and PE leaf trap.
    • Lift the Active carbon bag* out of the filter base.
    • If the filter base is very dirty, you should clean it.
    • Check the condition of the hoses, these should be pumped up or replaced as necessary.
    • Continue with the installation steps as described.
    • Ensure that the Active carbon is evenly distributed.
  • Maintenance
    • Check the filter at regular intervals.
    • Check the air pressure in the hoses / check for a secure fit at the manhole wall.
    • Replace worn hoses.
    • The service life of the Active carbon is up to 5 years. Severe contamination may reduce the service life.
    • Used Active carbon must be properly disposed of (waste code number: 061302*/061302/150202*/
    • 150202 for used Active carbon)


    Manhole covers with an installed Active sewer manhole can also be indicated with the supplied green marking plugs.

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  Kvapo filtras
Ketaus dangčių kvapo filtras FIS 0600 su integruota aktyvintosios anglies kasete, DN 600. 820230000000000000

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